Customer Service

Customer Service 101: How to Enroll a New Person

[S3VIDEO file=’jenspringerwebinar/Bizwebinars/The_Basics_of_Selling_Essential_Oils-How_to_Enroll_a_New_Person.mp4′]

Enrolling new people into Young Living is a piece of cake, if you know how.


  • The fastest way to get Customer Service without waiting on hold.
  • The top 2 ways to enroll people … fast!
  • The difference between Enroller and Sponsor.
  • 5 things you need to know so you don’t self-sabotage your business.
  • Jen’s secret to never getting the “I won’t give you my private information” objection.

Take 20 minutes and watch now!



Customer Service 102: The Enrollment Process for Customers & Distributors

You’re excited, you have a new person to enroll! Now what?

Find out the most SIMPLE way to set up a new Customer or Distributor.

Watch the 12 minute video above and you’ll know exactly what to do, it’s a piece of cake.



Customer Service 103: Converting Customers to Distributors: Finding the Right Place for Your Peeps

[S3VIDEO file=’jenspringerwebinar/Bizwebinars/Converting_Customers_to_Distributors.mp4′]

Should everyone be a Distributor?

Why do some people run when I ask them to “Sign Up”?

Is it normal for people to tell me to never call them again when I follow up?

Get those questions answered plus:

  • 5 Sorting questions that will determine if a person should be Customer or Distributor
  • 4 Differences between Customer and Distributor accounts
  • A follow up protocol to ensure re-orders
  • 3 biggest mistakes Distributors make that halt the growth of their business
  • What questions & response to expect when you follow up with new members

Learn the tricks that has kept Jen Springer’s organization growing for over 10 years!