Meet the Team

Meet The Team

The True Life Networking Team is a group of dedicated people who help others realize their passion, goals, and dreams. Most people give up on their desire to travel, go to all the kids sports games, help charities, and live debt free. Our team helps people like you dust off those long forgotten dreams and we’ll put you on track to attaining them, while having a blast doing it!

Young Living Silver, Jodi Funk

I have been a Young Living member since 2001. I originally joined because I liked the product and started using them on my daughter instead of all of the drugs. Then I wanted to stay home with my growing family and it was easy to talk about because I believed in the product. Building a team that have the same goals as you makes it easier to communicate and be abundant.  I love my business because my whole family is involved which is very encouraging and supportive. I have many new members that are hungry to stay home and earn extra income. The best way to succeed is to stick with it and help people; then you will build a great business.


Young Living Silver, Annette Queyquep

Annette discovered Young Living while she was still working as a professional concert dancer. Knowing that dancing 6 days a week for 10-12 hours a day & being in pain 24/7 wasn’t going to last forever, she knew she was going to have find another career & passion. Young Living has provided her the opportunity to be able to meet & help people, build a business with residual income & all the while having a ton of fun. Having a business with Young Living allows Annette the ability to be able to so many other things in her busy life, one which includes being a scuba instructor. Thanks to Young Living, oils & water do mix.

‘I love the fact that I’ve not paid for my products in over 10 years. This work feels more like playing than work & I’m blessed to wake up everyday knowing that I get to do something that I love!’


Young Living Silver, Monty Moran

As a dad, Monty has never been known to let his daughter be a reason why he can’t do anything to build his Young Living business. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Monty’s elementary school aged daughter has been his business apprentice since she was 6 months old in his fitness facilities. In the last few years she has participated in expo’s, home gatherings and Intro to Oils classes providing her own Essential Oils experiences and favorites. Monty enjoys the part-time hours of building his ever expanding Young Living Essential Oils business as he works towards even a global expansion. Imagine telling people about an awesome movie you saw and the theaters pay you 10% commission for each time a person goes to watch because of your referral. We do that!… with the Oils.



Young Living Executive, Cynthia Kasper

As a single mom concerned about the negative effects of modern medicine and the toxicity of household products, Young Living products were a natural choice for me to maintaining my family’s health. It was logical that I would then choose to build a business with Young Living to supplement my income. Coupled with a team that has developed momentum through hard work and an unbeatable training system that focuses on fun and profits while changing people’s lives, growing a business with Young Living is a no-brainer. You have two choices: to stand back and watch us fly or get on board and be a part of the fastest growing team in Young Living history.


Young Living Executive, Patti Bartsch

Patti’s passion is to help people to naturally achieve their wellness goals. She works as a Traditional Naturopath in her office in Onalaska, WI where she supports clients along the path to wellness. “Young Living is an integral part of my work and my life. I call it ‘Turbo Herbal Medicine’.” I have lots of people on my team who are just as passionate as I am even though they may not work in the wellness industry. One of the things I love most about the Young Living business opportunity is the flexibility; whether you just want to introduce essential oils to a few friends or your want to build an empire, the opportunity is the same.


Young Living Platinum, Jen Springer

Jen joined Young Living in 2001 because she was intrigued by the products and looking for a way out of Corporate America. She couldn’t imagine working 9 to 5 until she was age 65 without having the freedom to do what she wanted, when she wanted to.  Within 6 months of growing her business she was able to replace her income and quit her full-time job as a quality engineer to grow her Young Living business.  She enjoys helping people realize their long forgotten dreams by offering them a way to live their TRUE LIFE by partnering with our team & Young Living. 






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